We are able to develop an edge in sustainable innovation through our systems and employees.

sind wir in der Lage, durch unsere Systeme und Mitarbeiter einen Vorsprung bei nachhaltigen Innovationen zu erlangen.

A winning network of customers and suppliers with mutual long-lasting values in mind.

Scalable and customizable services to customers needs based on the market conditions.

About BLS Logistic Services GmbH

Our Mission

We are a logistics services company that specializes in integrated operations that including warehousing, transportation, light assembly services and inspections. We provide warehousing and a complete logistics and distribution solution designed to meet our customers needs in this rapidly evolving global economy

With us you can achieve

  • Low capital commitment warehouse capacity utilization
  • Creative and flexible solutions
  • Lean and efficient flow of operations
  • Well trained, experienced and motivated experts provided by us to meet your needs

Location and Reachability

Our bonded warehouse is certified, with adequate storage space.
  • Around 250km from Rotterdam port to our warehouse
  • Around 413km from Hamburg port to our warehouse

Our Competency


Close contact with you is always particularly important to us in order to clarify all necessary details as early as possible. Subsequently, we can provide you with information about the location of your goods at any time using state-of-the-art tracking and tracing. We will be happy to put together an optimal overall package for you: from collection to customs clearance.

Customs Clearance

As an internationally oriented forwarding agency, we would be pleased to advise you on all questions you may have regarding the export (export) and import (import) of any goods. An experience in the customs area speaks for a high quality of our services. BLS Logistic Services GmbH is a consignor approved by customs. We have a bonded warehouse and can therefore help you with both import and export.

Cold Storage

Our cold rooms and freezer containers are provided with fast delivery from our local depots. We offer competitive prices for short, medium and long-term rentals. Precise, cost-efficient and reliable temperature control between -40 °C and +45 °C.


We have developed tailored solutions for the flow of information and material and for the storage of pallets or bulky goods to ensure a perfect process in the warehouse.

Light Assembly

Our professionals assemble and/or package high quality products that meet our customers' specifications while minimizing scrap/rework costs.


We provide quality assurance for our customers' goods by performing a final inspection in order to ensure all quality and production standards are met.

Some of our partners and clients

Contact us

Tel: +49-2102-7703610
Monday-Friday (9am-5pm)

Email: info@logistics-bls.de
Web: www.logistics-bls.de

Location: BLS Logistic Services GmbH
Brandenburger Str. 44
40880 Ratingen, Germany

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